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We Are Scientists
The July 14th show at The Observatory In Santa Ana
by: DJ Broca

When 9 AM biology and a summer lab internship still leave you hungry for more, We Are Scientists can fill that scholarly appetite. The Brooklyn three piece rocked out the Constellation room last Thursday at The Observatory in Santa Ana. The band played music spanning 10 years since their first major record debut, With Love And Squalor.

The crowd was treated to familiar hits "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt", "After Hours", and "This Scene Is Dead". Seasoned musicians, they played tight, fast but in sync. Fans responded mouthing the words enthusiastically and swaying in place. What the audience lacked in numbers--the room was respectably full, but not uncomfortably packed and far eclipsed by the Lupe Fiasco concert in the next room--they made up on loyalty. On two occasions front man Keith Murray floated into the adoring crowd. Atop the shoulders of a fan, he basked in the glory of seeing his indie band mature with a loyal fan base develop across the world. The fan who hoisted him loyally sang along with the song when a microphone was lowered to his mouth.

The audience also got a taste of new songs from their new album from this year, Helter Seltzer, including "Buckle", "In My Head", and an encore performance of "Too Late". They blasted through a 18 song set, stopping occasionally to banter that they were actually a cover band for We Are Scientists. Well if so, whatever that cover band was (they never did get the name right) they certainly pulled off a great the experiment at The Observatory. The audience left fully satisfied.


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