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January 10, 2016
by: Hobert Taylor

Mark Brown - Skin and Bones - (Self Released)
A lifer. A folk-singer in the sense that he is one of the folks just singing about his life. Funny, earnest, sad, and occasionally country to the core, these down home songs glint like feldspar in the rock of daily living. "Cried in your Bed", "Pony" "When your Sister Comes" and the wondrous "Spaceship" are my faves.

Lori Lieberman - Ready for the Storm - (Drive On Records)
Lieberman was a part of the folk-rock movement of the '70's. She went on to live a life and returns as a grown woman and an astute songwriter. These songs are trenchant, mature, unsparing, and well crafted. Check out "Water", "Ready for the Storm", and the acerbic "Letter of Explanation" which cries out for a Richard Thompson cover.

The Lucky Sisters - So Lucky - (Patio Records)
These three women, Allison Lupton, Rosemary Phelan, and Tannis Slimmon, share their charming harmonies on a well selected collection of country folk and Irishy tunes. Highlights include Iris Dement's classic, "Let the Mystery Be", "Stone & Sand & Sea & Sky", "The Only Star I See" and the acapella tune ""one More Day".

Chris Ardoin - Zydeko Fever - (Maison de Soul)
A longtime local favorite on the party and club scene in NOLA and Lafayette, Ardoin adds hip hop touches and a super tight band to his maintenance of the squeeze box tradition. "Find you some Business" is the single, but check out "My Chank- a- Chank" "Hit the Lottery", "One Shot" and "Zydeko Fever".


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