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New the the KUCI Punk Library
August 21, 2015
by: Tommy DeSilva

Forced Order – Vanished Crusade – [Revelation Records]
Forced Order is a Hardcore band from Los Angeles, CA that is made up of members from many other well-known hardcore bands around Southern California including: Twitching Tounges, Soul Search, and Disgrace. Their highly anticipated debut full length album entitled Vanished Crusade, which was just released courtesy of Revelation Records, is a fast, loud, and in your face record that launches 14 songs at you in just about 20 minutes. Characterized by loud and distorted guitars, screaming vocals, and heavy breakdowns, the sounds heard on this album can be compared to those heard by many other well-known hardcore bands, both of the past and present, including: Integrity, In Cold Blood, Madball, and Cruel Hand. Tracks to definitely check out on this record include: “New Forms,” “Unexist,” “Sense Walker,” “The Pain Enclosed,” “Forced Order,” and “Retribution.”

Anaurac - I Don't Stand A Chance - [Self Released]
Anaurac is an Alternative/Rock band from right here in Orange County. Their debut full length album entitled I Don't Stand A Chance is a really catchy and upbeat record whose sound can be characterized by awesome guitar riffs, upbeat drumming, and poppy vocal melodies. With that being said, Anaurac’s sound can be compared to that of a lot of the other more well-known Alternative/Rock bands on the scene right now including: Wavves, FIDLAR, The Audacity, and Desaparecidos. Tracks to definitely check out on this album include; “Gospel,” “Like Adults,” “30 Days,” and “My Best Friend Is An Alien.” If you like what you hear after listening to this album, you can catch Anuarac live at StudioOne LiveVenue in Mission Viejo on August 28th with Asleep At The Gate.

Renny Wilson - Punk Explosion/Extension - [Mint Records]
Renny Wilson is a Pop solo musician from Canada who has begun to experiment with Punk Rock music. His new album entitled Punk Explosion/Extension is a really awesome record that can be appreciated by any fan of Punk Rock, Alternative, Indie, or Rock and Roll in general. Characterized by upbeat drumming, twangy guitars, and haunting vocal melodies, the sounds heard on this record can be compared to those heard by many other well-known Punk Rock bands (especially those from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s) including: The Buzzcocks, The Damned, Dead Kennedys, and Wire. Tracks to definitely check out on the album include: “Youngsters,” “Lipstick,” “Glass Animal,” “Fascist Punx,” and “Clean.”



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