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July 21, 2015
by: Stephanie Bang

KOVEN - Sometimes We Are - [Viper Recordings]
Hands down one of the favorites I reviewed so far. Koven is back for another EP set to released 7-24-2015 titled "Sometimes We Are". A talented UK duo (Max Rowat & Katie Boyle) signed by Viper Recordings, this EP shines on Koven's talent as it did back in 2012 when they started becoming famous in the bass world. Each song was sung wonderfully by the raw vocals of Katie Boyle, one of dance musics most talented, original vocalist, and accompanied by live instruments, soaring soundscapes and deep bass. Although the EP is only 4 piece, Koven sets themselves apart from the already congested dubstep and DnB arena and continues to do so with main festivals coming up. I personally like all of the songs on the album, however, if I need to choose, I would pick From The Start.

Various Artists - Summer Slammers 2015 - [Viper Recordings]
This is for the DnB fans! Viper presents Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2015! This album containers 9 songs from a variety of DnB artists. Artists like Bmotion, Smooth, Trei and T& Sugah Presents their one singles in this album. There is also a varieties of sounds as well. Driving beats and rumbling bass lines, this album ranges from hard DnB artist BMotion to almost melodic artist Dexcell, you cannot be disappointed with this years DnB Summer's selection from Viper Recordings. My favorite track on this album is T& Sugah - Alternate.

Various Artists - Architects & Waves - [OM Records]
This is one groovy album. Architects & Waves is a new album featuring 16 new & unreleased tracks recorded exclusively for the project exploring a mixture of Indie, chill-wave, minimal, downtempo and disco. This album is the result of a tireless yearlong pursuit to find some of electronic music's most innovative new music. Tracks to check out includes "Waiting Room" by Tone of Arc and "Come On Go Out" by Groove Armada.

Shiny Objects - The Velvet Slide - [OM Records]
Produced by Chris Smith, an electronic music lifer and also the founder of OM records, The Velvet Slides containers 6 groovy sounds from inducing opening synth line and the beat that kicks things into a psychedelic mood with disco influence, resounding kick drums and trippy distorted vocals such as the track "Flutter Vision". It was said that if the first 3 tracks of the EP explores outer space, then the final three tracks of the EP cover the sensual side of the Shiny repertoire. Fans of the new generation of Om artists with be familiar with "You're My Fool". It's also the album to get down at night.

Soldier's Heart - Soldier's Heart - EP
This 4-song album brings a very relaxing atmosphere and feeling to it's listeners. Each song is sang with a lucid and blissful buildup and melodic chorus, also influences ranging from whimsical psychedelia to languid R&B. Lead vocal is done by Sylvie Kreusch, with her voice leading the listeners to through a dreamy haze. My favorite from this short EP is African Fire.

LA Priest - Inji- [Domino Records]
Formerly a member of the short-lived but widely adored dance-punk group Late of the Pier, Sam Dust returns as LA Priest. In this solo-debut album, his sounds are inspired by synth pop, disco and funk with a little bit of psychedelic kick to it. Some songs are more heavily influenced by the synth, and some with a strong funk bass melody. The overall album is an enjoyable ride. I personally like track #4 for it's funk sound and #6 for it's electronic sounds.



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