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New the the KUCI Punk Library
April 7, 2015
by: Tommy DeSilva

Strung Out - Transmission.Alpha.Delta - [Fat Wreck Chords]
Strung Out is a Punk Rock band from Simi Valley, CA. Their new album Transmission.Alpha.Delta, which marks the band’s first new release in over 6 years, is a really awesome an energetic record that shows that Strung Out can and should be still considered as one of the top Punk Rock acts on the scene. Characterized by upbeat drumming, shredding guitar solos, and angst filled vocals, the sounds heard on this album can be compared to those heard by many other well-known Punk Rock bands (especially current and former Fat Wreck Chords bands) such as: Rise Against, Good Riddance, and Lagwagon. If you are looking for something that’s fast, loud, and exciting, this is most definitely the record for you! Tracks to definitely check out on this album include: “Rebellion Of The Snakes,” “The Animal And The Machine,” “Black Maps,” “Spanish Days,” and “Nowheresville.”

Daisyhead – The Smallest Light – [No Sleep Records]
Daisyhead are an Emo/Post-Hardcore/Post-Grunge band from Nashville, TN. Their debut full length album The Smallest Light is a really awesome and heartfelt record that switches up its sound in-between songs and within songs from a more soft, somber, and melancholy sound to a more loud, raw, and distorted sound, and vice versa. With that being said, Daisyhead’s sound can be compared to that of a lot of bands on the scene right now whose sound combines elements of ‘90s grunge with elements of Emo, Pop Punk, and sometimes Hardcore Punk. These bands include: Basement, Superheaven, Balance And Composure, and Adventures. Nevertheless, this band is still very unique in their own right and I highly recommend giving their album a listen! Tracks to definitely check out on this record include: “Defenselessness,” “Lacking Basis,” “Lost Her,” and “Take.”

Fry Day - Ups & Downs - [Self Released]
Fry Day is a Rock/Grunge band from Israel. Their album Ups & Downs is a really cool and interesting album that experiments with quite a few different types of music/musical stylings and mixes them all together into one great-sounding product. While incorporating different elements of Grunge, Rock, Metal, and Experimental music, the band produces a sound that is both loud, heavy, and in your face, as well as soft, somber, and melodic. With this being said, this interesting mix of sound can be traced back to many well-known Grunge/Rock bands from the ‘90s such as: Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and 311. Tracks to definitely check out on this record include, “Believe,” “Insane Routine,” “Get Through You,” and “You Are.”


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