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Anteater Basketball Season is Here
Listen to the games at KUCI
by: James Carrol

I ainít never covered a sports event in any capacity. Still, decided to shoot the UCI exhibition basketball games as a press photographer this November 8, 2014. I am not a basketball fan. But there I was, sitting cross-legged on the floor of UCIís Bren Event Center, practically taking one in the face thanks to an errant pass.

Screeching shoes, the constant shouting conversation of teammates in the zone ó it was thrilling.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, I showed up to the court, photo pass in pink, warding off the usual buzzkills. At first, there werenít a whole lot of folks there. That is if you exclude all the authorities, the execs, the managers, the schedulers, planners, pacing, eyeing, controllingÖ They were definitely in attendance. I stayed out of sight, out of mind.

As a press photographer at the game, you get this 3x3 block on the hardwood floor, 2 feet from the base line. It ainít no joke. I almost had a ref step on me, girls sliding through me, a ball shattering my camera into my face. Somebody who undoubtedly paid some cash to sit right the freak behind me so they kick my crack when I veered out of my block. And after 6 hours of shooting two games, I was totally in love with this experience. UCI killed their opponents (Menís 128-92, Womenís 88-58).

Following the wins, men's basketball coach Russell Turner came into the crowd. After he gave an interview at the close of the night a bunch of kids mobbed him. The picture reflects how the Anteater crowd was feeling after successful night of UCI basketball.

Go Eaters!!!!

Visit the Anteater basketball website, buy tickets to a game , or listen to the action on KUCI 88.9 fm .



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