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March 1, 2010
by: matt

Fang Island-Fang Island [Sargent House]
Awww yeah, a pleasant addition to the ranks of heavy-metal-indie-pop acts like Marnie Stern and the F*cking Champs. Sweet heavy and positive guitar riffs ala Thin Lizzy, chorus-y vocals, and just good energy man to create a sound that band describes as "everyone high-fiving everyone." Also for fans of Ponytail, those who wanted power-metal in their Arcade Fire, and maybe Sonic the Hedgehog. Pretty fresh.

Teenage Moods-Self-titled [Self Released]
A pop group whose name totally fits. Fun modern indie-pop-punk/garage full of great hooks. For fans of the Thermals, Soft Pack, and Jeff the Brotherhood. Something I'll definitely be spinnin'.

Dragon Turtle-Almanac [La Societe Expeditionnaire]
Expansive (emphasis right there) psych/acoustic/ambiance of a more accessible variety. I know accessible doesn't jive with those words that much, but Dragon Turtle balances it hella good. As in, making a ten minute psych-folk song into a catchy gem that would make Six Organs of Admittance jealous. But they've got shorter pieces too, like "Island of Broken Glass," a conga-driven psych-folk-rock song that would make Comets On Fire jealou- okay sorry I already used that one. Regardless, these guys really do have their own sound and see bright things in their future. Lots of instrumentation and great production that creates such a full atmospheric sound, if its nine instruments or just one.

Ellie Fortune-Matriarch [Obstructive Vibrations]
Anti-folk/freak-folk buddy who knows his stuff. Pretty well-produced, as in its clear but still kind of raw (the nice kind of raw). A variety of background instruments are here and there, and a good range of vocals from low to falsetto-y high.

Various Artists-Pomegranates [Finders Keepers]
Another fantastic archival treat from a class-A record label. This time its a compilation of Persian pop, funk, folk, and psych of the 60s and 70s. Warm fusion of Western and Middle-Eastern styles as well as deep liner notes discussing the interplay between politics and music at the time. Also the name of this compilation rules.

White Hinterland- Kairos [Dead Oceans]
Girl doing atmospheric electronica that is minimalist, yet big. Pure pop, with very small little glitches occasionally (emphasis on very small little) that really make the songs in my opinion, despite how rare they are.

Gospel Gossip- Drift [Guilt Ridden Pop]
A new EP from this female-lead shoegaze rock group. Sort of has that classic shoegaze style (although heavier), as in its based more around conventional song-writing structures instead of WOOOOSH walls of sound. Don't get me wrong, this is pretty neat still. Its big and powerful (rather than being overly subdued) and melodic. We have their other EP at the station, but I'd say this one is a step-up.

Strange Boys-Be Brave [In The Red]
Members of Mika Miko and Darker My Love make up this stripped-down jangly garage group. Pretty fun stuff and are probably gonna be gettin' mighty popular.

Titus Andronicus-The Monitor [XL Recordings]
Here's a punky rock n roll album from the band that pitchfork gave a "best new music" tag to. Some songs are more quiet ballads, but they all have this slight bar-room feel to it. The vocals sound like a mix between Conor Oberst and Paul Westerberg (Replacements). Not gonna lie, there are a few seconds here and there where I hear Daniel Johnston too.

Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt- [Luaka Bop Records]

Gonjasufi-A Sufi and A Killer [Warp]
Pretty grimy lo-fi soul-psych-garage with Middle-Eastern samples. Kind of sounds like King Khan & BBQ Show covering MF Doom and just getting into Finders Keepers records.

Faulty Chromosome-Craving to be Coddled So We Feel Safe Fake [Yelping Hill]
This is an ambitious lil' pop album. Perhaps best described as MGMT meets older lo-fi style indie rock? Pretty sweet mix of electronics and live instruments to create a pop-sandwich. This is really full of catchy hooks, but its hard to describe since I can't really tell what's going on a lot of the time (meant that in a good way).

Eluvium-Similes [Temporary Residence]
This previously exclusively instrumental composer of mellow beautiful unconventional music makes a return with this album of "conventionally" structured and lyrical songs. A very beautiful and atmospheric album, lots of piano above excellent production. Sort of sounds like Brian Eno's "conventional" songs of the mellow variety.

Seabear- We Built A Fire [Morr Music]
Orchestral pop from Iceland. Really well-produced and all that jazz, nice backing vocals. For fans of Sufjan Stevens and Noah and the Whale.

Slim Cessna's Auto Club- Buried Behind the Barn [Alternative Tentacles]
Another release from this classic country group featuring members of 16 Horsepower. Generally a little gothic and darker, with a very slight punk aesthetic going on.

Souljazz Orchestra- Rising Sun [Strut]
Totally rad groovin' afro jazz.

Billy Green-Stone [Finders Keepers]
From the 1973 Australian proto-Mad Max biker-sploitation film, "Stone". Pretty bizarre mix of soul, funk, moogs, violins, didgeridoo. Some tracks have vocals too. As always with Finders Keepers, great in-depth liner notes.

Loscil- [Kranky]
Great nice ambient stuff. Kind of organic and beautiful. Listened to it like 3 or 4 times yesterday. Wish I could make this kind of stuff, sigh. He has one "dub" song with a "beat" if you want something a little faster.


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