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February 1, 2010
by: matt

W-H-I-T-E - Sunna [Aagoo]
Ethereal solo dreamy electronica. Promo sheet name drops Dan Deacon and Panda Bear, but I think it sounds like F*ck Buttons if they had a singer and had a more DIY style sound. This is really fantastic and nice, man.

Citay- Dream Get Together [Dead Oceans]
Dream psych pop yeah! Pretty folk-y too, with a little 70s psych influence here and there. Mellow and cool, guest vocals from the Tune-Yards, and even a cover of Tugboat by Galaxie 500!

Gigi- Maintenant [Tomlab]
This is a neat little album. Each track has a guest, all the way from Owen Pallett, Mirah, Parenthetic Girls' Zac, Bobby Birdman, to Karl Blau and more. 60s pop is the mode here mostly, not just 60s garage pop though. The whole spectrum is here.

Brooke Waggoner- Go Easy Little Doves [Swoonmoon]
Pretty delicate piano-driven femme-lead tunes with some nice orchestral backing.

Yeasayer-Odd Blood [Secretly Canadian]
Weird ultra-poppy stuff that strongly recalls 80s new wave, but recalls it through a radiated kaleidoscope. Lots of layers of all sorts of electronic sounds but all melodic. and 80s. Except for the first track which sounds a lot like the Residents.

Charlotte Gainsbourg- IRM [Elektra]
So here we got this pretty French lady some of are you familiar with doing some pretty sweet mellow stuff. Low-key and nice with hushed vocals.

The Magnetic Fields- Realism [Nonesuch]
Hm, what can I say about the Magnetic Fields that hasn't been said. Cult indie-folk people, an ex-DJ is listed as a contributor to a book about them!

Hot Chip- One Life Stand [Astralwerks]
Pretty clever album title, eh? A disc of well-produced pop melody of soul and love.


Toro Y Moi - Causers of This [Carpark Records]
This dude is all over the place. A digital mix-up of house, r&b, hip hop beats, disco, all together in a smooth dream-y jam plus singing. Imagine a mix of Animal Collective, Daft Punk, and J Dilla.

Pantha Du Prince- Black Noise [Rough Trade]
Way chill and relaxing. Its sort of minimalist, but far from simple if thats what yer thinkin'. PLUS guest vocals from Noah Lennox of Animal Collective, and bass by Tyler Pop of !!! and LCD Soundsystem!

Fan Death- A Coin For The Well EP [Last Gang]
Femme duo doing disco-y heavy synth-pop.


Polysics-Absolute Polysics [Ki/oon]
Classic Japanese Devo-punx are back with another sweet spazzy release. Gotta say this one's got a slightly different sound which is cool. Its not more straightforward or anything, but I'd say the songwriting sounds a little more refined. Don't worry though, its still fast and there's still plenty synthesizers going nuts, they just sound better now!

F*cked Up- Couple Tracks:Singles 2002-2009 [Matador]
25 tracks of these hardcore punks from Canada. Their last album did pretty well, so now get their whole retrospective here. Harsh and cool. If you're into this do yourself a favor and check their Canadian buddies, Brutal Knights, or if you like the more loud intense songs on this check out crazy rawed-out punks Total Abuse (now moved to the punk section, out of the new one).

Burton Greene-Live At Woodstock Playhouse 1965 [Porter]
Free jazz-ish fourtet! The first track is the most "listenable" while the other two get a little longer and nuts

Bird Show Band-Bird Show Band [Amish]
Kraut free jazz (kraftwerk?)? If you're big on experimental, you might recognize the main dude behind this, Ben Vida who's done a lot of stuff on Kranky as well as collaborating with a lot of classics like Keith Fullerton Whitman.

Scratoa! - Live En San Anton
A big 30 minute found sound+keyboard+guitar composition in 10 tracks. A giant mish-mash experiment of everything put together. That is as far as words will go.

Andrew Raffo Dewar- Six Lines Of Transformation/Music For Eight Bamboo Flutes [Porter]
This almost went into jazz, but since the greater portion of its drone-y, off to experimental it goes! The first part is more jazzy, while the last part is more flute-drone-y. I think i'll quote Aquarius Records here, "Absolutely essential listening for the drone inclined, and jazzbos with a thing for out, space-y and static sounds."



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