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New in the KUCI Music Library
January 25, 2010
by: Sam

Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose - Bridge Carols [Holocene]
Super mellow ambient coos and caws accompanied by beautiful, light vocals from Laura Gibson. All the makings of a folktronic love letter. Remarkably listenable.

Library Science - Dolphin [Happi Tyme]
Possibly RPM, but definitely super fun. A member of The Bran Flakes (Illegal Art) features on this very synth-heavy dance-fest. Think pre-Bromst Dan Deacon without the vocal kitsch but with all kinds of other wacky tongue-in-cheek-ities.

Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring [Arts & Crafts]
Prolific post-twee-purists get a little edgier, a little more on edge, without losing any of their edge.

Surfer Blood - Astro Coast [Kanine]
Some pop rock. Somehow a RIYL Weezer is fitting, in this post-Vampire Weekend world.

Pierced Arrows - Descending Shadows [Vice]
Husband and wife long-rockin duo bury their DEAD MOON past and wake up to destroy all garages as elder statesfolk of rocknroll.

Pacific Theater - Animals At Night [Whale Heart]
Some ambitious indie-rock with a lot of the right sounds circulating in it. Big without overkill and heart-tugging without the bad aftertaste.

Midlake - The Courage Of Others [Bella Union]
Some ambitious indie-rock but much bigger and mildly proggy in the folkiest way. Proggy is almost the wrong word. Proggy is the wrong word.

Eels - End Times [Vagrant]
Mr E is sad about a lot of stuff and sings about it into a 4-track. It's pretty and pretty depressing.

The Album Leaf - A Chorus Of Story Tellers [Sub Pop]
San Diego cinematic IMAX-size ambient sound-universe-scapes. Some beats too!

Yawn - EP [Mushpot]
Pretty cool four piece with a lot going on. Poly-rhythms, synths,
afro-beat style influences all come together as a big melodic handshake
topped with a web of melodic catchy vocals. "Kind of Guy" and "Midnite"
are my favorite tracks!

Shining - Blackjazz [Indie/The End]
This band sure got a lot more metal! They are a nuts avant-jazz band from Norway, or used to be, that here has become way more prog-metal than before. Some weirdly hooky stuff, still, though!

Best Coast - When I'm With You b/w Is This Real 7" [Black Iris]
LA's fast-rise lo-fi queen gently belts out two more reverb-soaked poppers.


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