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New in the KUCI Music Library
by: matt

The Soft Pack-Soft Pack [Kemado]
Garage-pop rock! Pretty catchy and way solid. Not particularly retro rooted like King Khan and BBQ show, its a lot more modern indie-punk sounding. Not a not-catchy song on here.

Dadfag-Scenic Abuse [Broken Rekids]
Sick of being a sensitive pop baby? Cut your teeth on this double-girl fronted noise-rock trio that strike a sweet balance of bullying your brain and bobbing your head, and even letting you sing a long. Okay, now I've listened to the whole thing and I gotta say this is the catchiest and most fun noise-rock record I've heard in ages. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Jason Boesel-Hustler's Son [Team Love]
Now here is a folk-dude with a resume. He's been in Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes, The Elected, and was playin' drums for Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band. But that's the past, on this album there's guests ranging from Blake of Rilo Kiley to Orenda Fink to Benmont Tench of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. But that's just the credentials. How's it sound? Pretty good! Definitely holds its own against all the other folk-americana acts out there I'd say.

JEFF the Brotherhood- Heavy Days [Infinity Cat]
Rad. Here's a pretty sweet duo that I would best describe as heavy punk but I'm hearing a lot of influences on here. Some Hawkwind, Wipers, Melvins, and maybe early Jay Reatard. Some goofy genre tags that actually sound fitting are "psychedelic grunge" or "kraut punk." Perfect mix of melody and rock n roll to be found in various levels through out the CD.

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra- Kollaps Tradixionales

DANG this is epic. These are huge well-produced psych-folk-punk-rock-blues-prog songs, but not haphazardly put together into a cheesy Frankenstein album where you can tell when one genre stops and the other begins on a track. These are legit pieces. Recorded on 24 analog tracks with cool instruments. Pretty big point: Efrim Menuck of Godspeed You! Black Emperor is a core member on this album, doing vocals, guitar, organ, and piano.

City Of Satellites-Machine is my Animal [Hidden Shoal]
Beautiful soothing stuff from the same Australian label that sent us the dream-y My Majestic Star album last week. This one is equally dream-y with fat synths ala 80s style+M83. So dream-y, atmospheric, landscape-ish, zone-out-just-right, chill.

Final Fantasy-Heartland [Domino]
Yr favorite violin-loopin' player dude from the Arcade Fire. This is a pretty neat cd, it has a little narrative about "Lewis and the fictional world of Spectrum. The songs are one-sided dialogues with Lewis, a young ultra-violent farmer, speaking to his creator" and is very orchestral.

Various Artists-Casual Victim Pile [Matador]
This is a really consistent compilation album! Its bands in Austin from 2008-2010, but only the more cool rock n roll ones. So you got a sweet mix of garage rock and garage inspired indie rock and maybe even a little psych-rock. Its pretty broad as far as the spectrum of lo-fi to hi-fi and poppy to balls-out rock goes; chances are you'll find something you dig are very high (no seriously)! I put on a tiny description of tracks on the back of the jewel case for your convenience ( plz appreciate this :3 )

Beach House-Teen Dream [Sub Pop]
Ai ya, I still remember when we got their first CD at kuci when I was a youngin'. Anyway, more nice professional dream-y indie pop. Organ sounds pretty good on dis' one.

Animal Collective-Campfire Songs [Paw Tracks]
A re-issue of a 2003 Animal Collective album. Perhaps the most calm they've been? Very experimental and mellow and relaxingggg with nature sounds. Enjoy it in case you never really listened to early Animal Collective, or as I like to call it, "Of Montreal-syndrome." Ok sorry.

The Films-Oh, Scorpio
Nice polished well-done indie rock ala The Shins or Hot Hot Heat.

The Heligoats-Goodness Gracious [Greyday]
Fun indie-folk-rock record. RIYL on the label says Mountain Goats and Neutral Milk Hotel, which sounds like a pretty fair comparison. Although I'd say its a little more polished than all of the above. You will find some similarities with recent and fabulous add, Nana Grizol-Ruth! Although perhaps this is more mellow? Nice and catchy, even has really good guitar work.


A-Frames/Climax Godlen Twins- AFCGT [Subpop]
Some of you may not know, but A-Frames "2" is one of greatest rock records ever made. But now is not the time to discuss that. What we have here is a great evolutionary step for the A-Frames with their buds Climax Golden Twins who have collaborated for a group/album known as AFCGT. This is a fine example of experimental rock. You can hear the basic structure and foundation of rock (A-Frames proved their mastery of that on "2"), but at the same time they twist it to make it drone, noise, psych, image-inducing, kraut, all the while holding onto what is right. Apocalyptic-ly. What I'm saying is, AFCGT knows whats up and they know how to do it.

Sujo-Columns [Inam]
My kinda drone! First track is the longest, noise-y and hypnotic with some minor drums in the back for a small portion. The next track is a cool drone-apocalyptic rock-ish track with noticeable bass and drums. Sounds similar to Justin Broadrick's Greymachine project, but drone. Last track is the most ambient. If you're into Final you may enjoy this.


Blockhead-The Music Scene [Ninja Tune]
Sweet complex stuff from a dude who I first knew as Aesop Rock's producer. REally awesome and surprising how all these unique samples fit together so well.



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