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New in the KUCI Music Library
December 7, 2009
by: Matt Buga

Nana Grizol- Ruth [Orange Twin]
Really poppy indie-rock out of Athens that sort of reminds me of the Weakerthans. Earnest, unpretentious and disarming lyrics about love and and all it entails, usually a little more positive regardless of heartbreak-content level. Its got slower acoustic ones, to more energetic rock ones complimented with horn work. For some reason I feel like this is nostalgic.

Holopaw- Oh, Glory, Oh, Wilderness [Bakery Outlet]
A delicate and full production complimented with guest piano, violins and horns. Actually, its not that delicate and I'd say the music gets loud but there's a quality in the vocals that give an illusion of frailty that opens your heart a little. There's just a little bit of vibrato in the sometimes-hushed singing going on that wouldn't turn anyone off, but its enough to overtly take you in.

Stellastar*- Civilized [Bloated Wife]
Melodic and energetic post-punk from a group that used to be on hiatus. They nail their sound pretty well. Sharp bass lines. Everyone in this band does somewhat established art in other forms which is pretty cool.

Syntaks-Ylajali [Ghostly International]
Down-tempo electronic stuff from Scandinavia. Think of the semantics in terms of Sigur Ros, Boards Of Canada and M83; Brian Eno syntax-wise. I guess what I'm saying is the album is stylistically diverse, but is consistent in theme. "She Moves In Colors" is a pretty sweet track.

Mar-The Silence [Self-Released]
These buds of Sigur Ros (they even borrowed their equipment) and Mum make an album of atmospheric dream-stuff. Not distorted, but reverb-y songs always over a bed of pleasant sound. Stylistically I feel there are two big formats on here, the more full/atmospheric songs and than the acoustic-guitar focused ones. Both good and offering some diversity for particular tastes.

Mathias Mental-The Happiest Boy in Montreal [self-released]
Goofy "indie-electro" that is more of a mix of those two genres. If you're into Flight of the Conchords I could see you diggin' this. Do you remember Atom and his Package? Its like a modern version of him for our times. But more tasteful. And he's from Canada so I bet some of you probably like that.

Richie Phoe-Bumpy's Lament [Balanced Records]
Only three songs but they are pretty good. The first one is a dub-wise interpretation of an Isaac Hayes track, and second is an 80s dancehall influenced one. Third one is a remix!


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