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New in the KUCI Music Library
November 23, 2009
by: Matt Buga

Wild Yaks-10 Ships (Don't Die Yet) [Ernest Jenning Record Co]
Balls out rock n roll. I left this on my CD player while I went out and my roommate listened to it three times. Pretty soulful and shredding, and it has some sweet wailing saxophone which seals the deal. The wailing saxophone really takes the rock n roll sound to a new standard buds.

Yeti Lane-Yeti Lane [Clapping Music]
Well-produced pop from some French crew. The songs have a bit of an atmospheric dream-y sound.

Marie Flore- More Than Thirty Seconds if you please [Fingers in the noise]
Quite relaxing female lead group. Piano and guitar. Chilllll.

Willowz-Everyone [Dim Mak]
More rock n roll, a little poppier though. Sort of like early Kings of Leon.

Marie Clare and the Reasons- Arrow [Frog Stand]
Female lead indie-rock crew. Has the energy and delicateness of Thao Nguyen if you're into her!

Computer Perfection-We Wish You Well On Your Way to Hell [Le Grand Magistery]
Electronica-tipped indie rock that sort of has a teensy bit of 70s pop stylings, but not particularly over-retro. Sweet!

Tin Huey-Before Obscurity: The Bushfflow Tapes [Smog Veil]
Akron weirdos reissue from the late 70s. Probably an inspiration to fellow locals Devo, these guys have a goofy jazz-y prog sound. Sort of like Frank Zappa coverin' Devo songs.

Easter Monkeys-Splendor Of Sorrows [Smog Veil]
Another great reissue from this early 80s punk band. Really energetic and raw and cool and heavy, it sort of has the art-damaged rock thing going on but they didn't take it too far to the un-listenable realm. Cool. Bonus fact: Guitarist went on to play in Pere Ubu.

The Jezebels-She's So Hard
Female lead sleek indie pop. Really like this one, its fast but relaxing. Good drumming going on.

The Slew- 100% [Puget Sound Recordings]
New release from Kid Koala! But why isn't it in the hip hop section? Well, the backing band in this is the rhythm section from Wolfmother! Yeah its a weird combo, but the rocknroll+turntable thing is pretty fun.

Mr. Gnome-Heave Yer Skeleton [El Marko]
Female lead pseudo-gothic Americana stomp. Sort of like Yeah Yeah Yeahs meet CocoRosie? I know thats a pretty big comparison/combo to make, but it ain't too far off!

Led Bib- Sensible Shoes [Cuneiform Records]
Energetic noise-y jazz, but still sort of leans towards that classic jazz sound.

Rich West-Mayo Grout's Known Universe [pfMENTUM]
Frank Zappa inspired jazz that sings about weird stuff like being a cockroach. Up your alley perhaps?

Face Value-Rode Hard, Put Away Wet: Clevo Hardcore '89-'93 [Smog Veil]
Energetic hardcore re-issue of lots of stuff (31 tracks!) with lots of quotes in the liner-notes. The kind of hardcore that tough guys listened to when they were still sort of friendly and positive but not too much era of hardcore.



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