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November 9. 2009
by: Matt Buga

Candy Claws-In The Dream of Sea Life [Indiecater]
Perfect example of something way calming and definitely not boring at all. Gentle sounding indie-pop that is very ocean-y and summer-y. Hell, it even samples the ocean. It actually works really well since you've got these great washes of melody parallel with ocean waves (pretty sweet concept buds). Full sounding and relaxing, very rhythmic, sort of reminds me of Fennesz making pop songs instead of ambient pieces. If you know me, that is a compliment of the highest order.

Cold Cave- Love Comes Close [Matador]
So here we got this electronica crew with a decent goth/coldwave influence going on, but its still more modern and poppy sounding. Seems like a lot of people I know are pretty stoked on this and I like it so far too. Fun Fact: Main dude in this band is from Some Girls and American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost.

White Denim-Fits [Downtown/Full Time Hobby]
Whoa, this is rad. So first off, this has two cds, their new release and then a bonus disc of their last one. Most of the first cd is awesome psychedelic rock n roll jams that have a lot more melody then most bands who just normally focus on pscyhin' you out, makin' these songs not only rockin' but pretty catchy. There's more mellow tracks that aren't really all about rockin out, especially at the end when it starts getting funky. In general this album is pretty varied as far as soul-ish garage/psych music goes. Then their last cd thats included is way more conventional but still really cool. Jangly indie rock thats all over the place, a little garage-y, 90s emo-y, as weird as that combo is.

Nomen Novum-Paradises [Operation Get Jacked]
I love it when smaller groups send us their cds without a promoter and it ends up ruling hardcore. Best way to describe might be experimental power-pop. Good pop structures, good pop melodies but fancy guitar pedals and guitar trix. Straight-forward but not if you know what I mean.

Joe Gideon & The Shark- Harum Scarum [Bronzerat]
Awesome brother sister duo who play cool smoke-y ballads. Some are a little more garage-y then others, think Nick Cave. Has those sort-of-talky vocals but still melodic, which makes the lyrics sound a lot more cool and Nick Cave-y. Very much impressed.

Lightning Bolt-Earthly Delights [Load]
So this will probably be played a lot. Some people think these guys don't release enough music, where here you go! More crazy loud rock duo spazzing out, and a good 50-minutes worth too! Enjoy.

Michael and the Mumbles- S/T [De Stijl]
If you are a music nerd, you may be familiar with a guitarist named Michael Yonkers who was pretty innovative with his guitar music, doing some atonal stuff and an album called "Microminiature Love." Anyway, this album is a re-issue of his 1966 works as teenager, full of classic garage pop trax of heartbreak.

Capgun Coup- Maudlin [Team Love]
YAY! So far this week we've had all sort of rock n' roll stuff. Nick Cave style, 60s teenage boppers, psychedelic blazers, and now a more jangly pop fun one! I've actually listened to this one a few times through already (How did I have the time? I don't know). Sweet guitarz dudes. Talibam!- Boogie in the Breeze Blocks [ESP Disk] Man this is a pretty crazy album. If you're playing Lightning Bolt do yourself a favor and follow it up with this, don't worry it'll work. Mostly keyboard & drum based, but there's a ton of guest musicians doin their horn or bass work. Like a more bizarre version of the Screamers. High-energy stuff all over the place.

Jogger-This Great Pressure [Magical Properties]
So this is the first release off of Daedelus' new record label! Guitar and laptop duo, the press sheet on it says "Indie-rocktronic" and I'll give it that. This is pretty cool and well written. This deserves a lot of plays.

On Fillmore-Extended Vacation [Dead Oceans]
Space-y jazzy instrumental stuff duo including the drummer of Wilco. Has vibraphones that sound pretty nice! Nice and relaxing.

Gemma Ray- Lights out Zoltar! [Bronzerat]
Female lead indie pop of the full and sometimes orchestral variety! Pretty well written and fun. If you're into this kind of stuff you could say she hits the nail on the head!

Real Estate- Real Estate [Woodsist]
Indie rock with a pretty beach-y summer-y tune going on. Sad the winter is coming? Play this and close yr eyez.

Ergo- Multitude, Solitude [Cuneiform]
Really well written post-rock of the jazzy variety. Some songs sort of sound like a jazzy influenced sigur ros. Textured!

Jookabox-Dead Zone Boys [Asthmatic Kitty]
Okay this is really fun schizo-pop music. Not sure how to describe besides upbeat and fun loving. The RIYL says Animal Collective, Ween, Au and Tune-Yards. I wouldn't say it sounds like any of those bands seperately (maybe AU), but I would say it would if you combined the essence of those bands. To say the least I like it more than Animal Collective and Ween (oh geez don't let my friends read that.).

Systems Officer-Underslept [Temporary Residence Unlimited]
Oh hey hey hey you like Pinback and Three Mile Pilot and the good record label that released this album? Oh okay, well a pretty big dude from those two bands is behind this and its pretty good. Catchy and put together. Sensitive. "Progressive pop." Not sarcastic I like this.

Tom Waits- Glitter and Doom Live [Anti-]
If you like Tom Waits at all you'll love this. All the tracks sound like the original but doubled. What do I mean by that? Well, his gruff vocals sound like he spent a few more years in the coal mine gargling glass, and his more melodic soul stuff is even more passionate sounding. Yay!



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