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New in the KUCI Music Library
by: Matt Buga

Etienne Jaumet- Night Music [Versatile]
I've been listening to this all weekend, and all my roommates have walked by and inquired what I was playing. Instrumental electronica sounds that sort of sound what people in the 90s thought that the future music was gonna sound like. It even has a melodramatic saxophone comin over the keyboards now and then. So here you go: Repetitive evolving hypnotic retro (not lo-fi) cold sci-fi beats. Sort of wish I could have this music follow me around somehow.

Rainbow Arabia-Kabukimono [Admiral Vinyl]
More sweet world-inspired RPM! I like this one a lot more than the last one I heard by these guys, no lie. As you can tell by the album name and cover art, they've added some more far Eastern influence to their normally Middle-Eastern style. For fans of happy, MIA, and world influences.

Hawnay Troof-Daggers at The Moon [Retard Disco]
Another sleaze boomin' dance album from da Hawnay Troof, but I've gotta say somethings a little different about this one. Maybe a little more soulful and melodic? Don't worry though its still got some heavy tracks. OHHHHH how curious, Mary Pearson of High Places is on a few of these tracks. Now are you intrigued?


King Khan and BBQ Show-Invisible Girl [In The Red]
Now here is the kind of King Khan I like. A more classic kind of garage sound more about hooks instead of going crazzzzzy. Here's some good stuff on the album: two cool singers, sweet guitar leads, vocal hooks, and fun songwriting/lyrics. Just don't get stuck on the first track, I know its catchy but believe me there's more.

deVries- Death to God [noise on noise]
Reverb heavy indie pop that sounds sort of like (im gonna cheat and just RIYL dis) Spiritualized dashed over some Yo La Tengo+ The Clientele?

We All Have Hooks For Hands - The Shape of Energy [Afternoon Records]
Pretty positive and energetic indie rock. Lots of cool guitar work going on, distinctive nasally vocals, dual drummers, not boring! At first I was skeptic about this release for some reason, but its actually really cool.

Anders Parker- Skyscraper Crow [Bladen Co.]
So apparently this dude was in a band called Space Needle that the internet says inspired Animal Collective and Black Dice. But enough of a history lesson, especially since this cd doesn't really sound like either of those. What you got here is a singer/songwriter dude from Vermont, doing one disc of electronic songs, and the other disc of acoustic folk songs. I personally like the first disc more with its sweet keyboard tones. If you're into Casiotone for the Painfully Alone you could like this.

Brilliant Colors- Introducing [Slumberland]
Female garage pop trio with heavyyyy fuzz. Something about these gals' songs have a bit of a classic punk feel, making this one of my more favored fuzzed out pop garage groups that have come out recently. If you like the Vivian Girls do yourself a favor and hit this up.

Black Seeds-Solid Ground [Easy Star]

Max Richter-Memory house [fat cat records]
Not really experimental, but I figure it'll fit the best here. Its a modern composer, and boy is this some dramatic stuff right here. You think Godspeed! You Black Emperor is some epic stuff? Pfft. Also, some tracks have recordings of people talking in a foreign language that sound really cool.

Tyondai Braxton-Central Market [Warp]
This is sort of weird. Its like Tyondai Braxton and orchestra together. Hectic and cool and classical.



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