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October 5, 2009
by: Matt Buga

Sweet Trip- You Will Never know Why [Darla]
I really like this one, its dream-y but instead of being slow and drone-y, its catchy and active. The trio's regular rock band instrumentation (guitar+bass+drums) is excellently complimented with some synth and programmed electronics to make a full-length album of dream-y rock songs. Seriously, lots of catchy melodies on this one.

The Black Heart Procession- Six [Temporary Residence LTD]
Gloomy spooky stuff just in time for October! Stilly catchy, and not necessarily slow as the "gloomy" might suggest. Sometimes the instrumentation sounds a little bit like certain Tom Waits songs.

Built To Spill- There is No Enemy [Warner Bros]
A new release from these classic indie rockers. Guitar-focused pop rock songs.

Church- Song Face Crystal [Tender Loving Empire\Sohitek]
This is good pop! Raw and warm but lacking the lo-fi noise element you find in a lot of new releases. It weaves around from being happy to melancholy and from more quiet and folky to more rocking all of a sudden, but all very natural. Really great melodies that ain't cheap. Did I mention the keyboard and guitar tones sound fantastic?

AU- Versions [Aagoo]
Good pop tunes with cool/slightly weird instrumentation. Good use of pedals and electronics with vocals a little reminiscent of Morrissey in the Antony kind of way. Seems to get a little more experimental as it goes on.

Okie Dokie- self-titled [Aagoo]
Weirdo punk with some hardcore influence driven by a drum machine. Sounds pretty good, maybe a more punk-y version of Big Black? Pretty energetic and cool.

The Drums- Summertime! [Twentyseven]
Ultra-fun poppy duo with fat influence from the Smiths and the Cure on the guitars. Sorta minimalist production and driven by electronic drums, this is just a fun album that will drive away cold-weather blues and I think a lot of people will like that.

Times New Viking- Born Again Revisted [Matador]
Catchy lo-fi garage pop is back with their fourth album, as well as it being their least lo-fi release yet! Focuses on catchy hooks.

Headlights- Wildlife [Polyvinyl]
Sensitive and cutie indie pop trio with boy-girl vocals right here. A few more quieter songs with less instrumentation, and a few more lushly produced ones gives this album some nice dynamics.


Evangelista- Prince of Truth [Constellation]
This dark sort of spooky one almost went into experimental. Songs that blur the line of ambient music and conventional songwriting. Very atmospheric but still structured, features female vocals. Was on the cover of Wire magazine, which is huge sign of credibility. The fantastic cover-art fits the music very well.

Ricecorpse- Mrs Rice [Dual Plover]
A noise trio project with some free jazz influence. Electronic noise on top of noise-y piano and drums. Apparently a lot of that noise comes amplified glass! Anyway, cool backstory too, Australian noise guy Lucas Abela comes over to China to play drums with Yang Yang of Mafeisan and Li Zenghui, a saxophonist. Only around for a limited time, they jammed four times, and went on a ten city tour.



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