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New in the KUCI Music Library
August 18, 2009
by: Matt Buga

Mark Mallman-Invincible Criminal [badman recording co]
Ultra-fab ultra-produced pop record channeling classic glam rock. Dare I make a comparison of Jay Reatard meets Patrick Wolf? Yeah.

Marmoset- Tea Tornado [joyful noise]
Stripped-down lo-fi old school indie a la Sebadoh and Beat Happening. Not to say that these guys are pretending to be retro, Marmoset has been around since the 90s too. Nice short songs with this bizarre feeling of sentimentality that is just a little off kilter and difficult to explain but boy do I love it. Hazy but not psychedelic, catchy but not saccharine.

Ramona Falls- Intuit [barsuk records]
The first solo album of Menomena's Brent Knopf. You can still hear the eccentricity of Menomena on this, but there's a lot more delicate beauty to be found on this recording. Very pretty and epic, as well as a ton of guest spots from people in bands like the Helio Sequence, Talkdemonic, and Mirah.

Lightning Dust- Infinite Light [Jagjaguwar]
A beautiful female-lead complex pop album. Lush arrangements of instruments, slightly folky, a little melancholic but still uplifting and powerful. This is actually a side project of Black Mountain, but not really easy to tell!

Various Artists- Kanine Fall 2009 Sampler [Kanine Records]
The label that released Grizzly Bear's debut brings you 10 songs of psych-ish and/or super-poppy music! Whether it's weird psych, shoegazery and atmospheric, or just good ol' catchy indie rock, its got something for you! And I mean that.

To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie- Marlone [Kranky]
An album of spacey melancholic atmospheric gloom with female vocals layered on top of washes of guitar reverb, strings, and other nice sounds. Sort of borders on experimental section because of its ambient tendencies. It will mellow you out and make you feel all emotional.

Blitzen Trapper- Black River Killer [sub pop]
Cool little EP from these folksters. Really well done, and the title track is pretty dark and awesome. Diverse in mood, and I really like the rocking last track on this.

Uke Of Spaces Corners- Flowers in The night [corleone]
A cute boy girl lo-fi folk group. Very pleasant and fun, especially the lyrics. They're either surreal and bizarre or full of word play.

Alec K Redfearn & The Seizures - Extermination Angel [corleone]
Creepy and dark and vaudevillian group lead by an accordion and grimy gothic lyrics. Its pretty fun too, but I didn't want to ruin the consistency of the adjectives in that sentence. Sometimes upbeat, sometimes brooding. And don't miss the cover art!

Sondre Lerche- Heartbeat Radio [Rounder Records]
The latest release from your favorite Norwegian heart-throb. Fun positive and upbeat just for you.

Dark Meat- When the Shelter Came [emergency Umbrella]
Rocknroll Captain Beefheart folk in a nice small lo-fi package.

Health- Get Color [lovepump united]
A pleasent mix of industrial and shoegazer. Kind of surprising. Has a lot of mellow reverb-ed vocals above all the heaviness.

Landed- Liver + Lungs [Corleone]
Long and heavy rock songs, some more noisier than others, with creepy distorted vocals rambling over it all.



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