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New in the KUCI Music Library
August 10, 2009
by: Sam Farzin, KUCI Music Director

Mount Eerie - Wind's Poem [P.W. Elverum & Sun]
Once upon a time, Phil Elvrum made very melancholy, occasionally sunny, heavily produced (in the dorky, recording-engineer type way) songs as "(the) Microphones." Now, he makes those songs as "Mount Eerie." On this album, he slays the listener with his vision of black metal. This is still the Mount Eeriephones, though, so don't go expecting an album of Dimmu Borgir covers.

Holiday Shores - Columbus'd The Whim [2Syllable]
Sunpop, fair and square, affected and earnest.

Julian Plenti - Is...Skyscraper [Matador]
Paul Banks....of...Interpol is...Julian Plenti is...an album of...Interpol-like...songs.

Samara Lubelski - Future Slip [Ecstatic Peace!]
This lady is so good. She slays baroque-pop with an airy ease that belies the very term.

Various Artists - Twisted Nerve 10th Anniversary [B-Music]
It seems like the dudes behind Finders Keepers have sent us something every week for the past month or so. Here, one of those dudes produces a compilation of exceedingly trip-psych (as in trip-hop-psychedelia), that is like, beats with shredding tube screamer solos. Pretty rad!

The Antlers - Hospice [French Kiss]
This is eerie. It is a very realized album, insofar as the music befits the lyrics in a way that is fairly compelling with seeming ease.

Guy Fantastico - Nesting [La Campania Fantastica]
Bobby Birdman produces this super tongue-in-cheek organ-electro pop disc. Fun lyrics, fun beats, recorded between surf breaks in Costa Rica.

These United States - Everything Touches Everything [United Interests]
This is the third album of new material that I have added by this band since I began as music director. With each release it seems like they are moving away from the stripped-down approach they started with towards a much fuller, epic and unabashedly rocknroll sound. Which is cool.

The Mumlers - Don't Throw Me Away [Galaxia]
A sorta soul-y rock and roll record. I don't want to say it sounds like a pop attempt at the Tom Waits catalogue, but there we go.

Eric Copeland - Alien In Garbage Dump [Paw Tracks]
This is really it's own thing. If you recall the last eric copeland album added, then you know what's up here. It is not really a definable thing, but it is amazing in it's own right. It shouldn't make sense, but something clicks just so.

Sian Alice Group - Troubled, Shaken Etc. [The Social Registry]
This is sort of baroque-pop like Samara Lubelski and what have you but the avant-leanings are strong, way strong. Here we have a very tightly controlled sound of guitar, drums, and the very beautiful timbre of mallet instruments, kind of just cascading through very dense aural environments that do this and that here and there. On top of which charms the voice of Sian Alice. This is pretty heady music.



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