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New in the KUCI Music Library
August 4, 2009
by: Matt Buga

Timbre Timbre- self-titled [Arts & Crafts Productions Inc.]
Americana-flavored low-key pop, very much supplemented with great production. Sounds sort of cinematic and epic, despite being generally minimalistic. Really hits the spot man.

Patrick Wolf- The Bachelor [Nylon Records]
I'll admit I've never listened to this guy until now, and feel a little perplexed. Its really epic and melodic and cheesy. The second track reminds me a lot of Morrissey so that is a big plus. The feeling of this so far reminds me of 70s cheesy prog meets the 80s synth pop. Its epic production rivals epic metal bands. Actress Tilda Swinton narrates on this album. Look at the cover art, and imagine how it sounds. No punches pulled here.

Cale Parks- To Swift Mars [Polyvinyl Record Co.]
Electronica-heavy music for the melancholy and/or sentimental soul. Real chill, this one. Short blurb, but I swear this is a favorite for me.

V/A- The Sound of Wonder! [Finders Keepers Records]
Another release from one of my new favorite labels. This time its a compilation of Pakistani pop from "Lollywood" films during 1973-80. Features a lot of moog and some other early electronic instrument experimentation, as well as in-depth liner notes. Lots of interesting stuff to be heard on here, but my favorite tracks are the first three. Especially the first one, its a pretty positive one you should listen to to pick yourself up.

Pissed Jeans- King of Jeans [Sub Pop]
Sloppy raw rockers back to sing you songs of banality and/or depraved sexuality. Best part? All clean for radio play. But not the band name. Refer to these guys as P Jeans.

The Envy Corps - Kid Gloves [Tempo Club]
Really well produced and full sounding indie rock EP. Catchy, accessible, and fun! Especially the guitar riff on the fourth track.

Royalchord - The Good Fight [Supply and Demand Music]
Worldly female folk duo who sound nice and sincere. As mentioned earlier, these two have lived around the world, and you can hear some influences here and there. Now and then they ditch their acoustic guitars for cheap keyboards, giving the album a nice duality.

A Hawk and A Hacksaw- Deliverance [The Leaf Label Ltd.]
An album full of Eastern European styles. Adding to the album's legitimacy, the core group of the album enlisted help of instrument specialists (cimbalom, bouzoki, baglama, whaaaa?) from around Budapest where it was recorded.

Historics - Strategies for Apprehension [Metropolitan Indian]
Pretty good indie rock with garage influence! Complex production, a lot of variety, and very catchy. You will be pretty surprised if you listen to it and find out whose side-project this is. Also, random appearance by Kool Keith?!

Helado Negro- Awe Owe [Asthmatic Kitty]
Really mellow folky stuff. Lots or reverb, electronic drums, and Latin influence. I would say this one comes pretty close to straddling the line between Rock A, RPM, and World. Accurate RIYL on the label: Prefuse 73, Caetano Velaso.

The Do- A Mouthful [Get Down!]
Powerful female fronted album. The first half is light-hearted folk, while the second half is more loud/electronic and forward, but all good.

Drug Rug- Paint The Fence Invisible [Black and Greene]
Boy-Girl duo that run the pop-soaked gamut of folk, psych, country, 60s pop. Lots variety on this album, please enjoy.

The Slant- The Makings of This House [self-released]
I'd call this alt-country mainly, but it gets pretty ecletic and what not. Definitely on the soothing side.

HC-B - Soundcheck for a missing movie [Hidden Shoal Recordings]
Post-rock, but I'd say this is generally a little more complex and
technical then a lot I've heard. Gets pretty loud and righteous at times, check it.


Black Mold - Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz [Flemish Eye Records]
Album for all your glitch needs right here! Debut side-project of Chad Vangaalen, a pretty good man found on Sub Pop records. Not straight noise though, the greater part of the album is melody and beat driven. PLUS neat little art on the inside!

Little Claw - Human Taste [Ecstatic Peace!]
Lo-fi avant rock. A bit hard to describe, gets noisy, gets tribal, gets melodic, gets quiet, gets really loud, best to hear it on your own. Thurston Moore seems to really like them though.



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