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New in the KUCI Music Library
July 21, 2009
by: Matt Buga

Goldenrod - Paintings for Prophets [beast's content]
This one rules. Major soul and funk influences on this one, mainly on the vocals, upright bass, and piano. But this isn't genre-throwback, its way fresh with its instrumentation and production so please check this one out. Good for gettin' down on the dance floor or gettin' down into bed.

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Why there are mountains [polyvinyl records]
A very solid release with tons of catchy hooks and beautiful melodies. Has a tempo for everyone, fuzzed and non-fuzzed guitar, and increasing beauty the more its listened to.

Japandroids - Post-nothing [polyvinyl records]
A poppy indie-rock duo with a way energetic guitar, heavy and fast drums, and a whole lot of melody. Sounds loud no matter what volume it is.

Yacht- See Mystery Lights [DFA]
This is good and fun but difficult to describe. Its very dance-y and beat-driven, also way eccentric.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Up From Below [Community records]
This is a many membered poppy indie-folk group, with a small Western taint. Nice full choruses here and there, as well as male/female vocal interplay. Track six is adorable if you like female and male vocal exchanges in music. Whistling too.

Gobble Gobble- Neon Graveyard [self-released]
Well constructed and artsy lo-fi pop meant to be on tape, but on CD as we have here solely for promotional purposes. Piano, electronic beeps and boops and beats, guitar, fuzzy vocals and some other discernible sounds seamlessly put together. And it sounds great. Please listen.

Nouvelle Vague- 3 [peacefrog]
Your favorite French cover artists is back again! The covers on this one seem to be a little more obscure, but are classics none-the-less. The big ones are probably Violent Femmes, Sex Pistols, Talking Headsm and The Police.

Big Hassle - New Denver [the rebel group]
Now this may be tagged as alt-country, but its got some modern indie-rockin' kind of stuff like the Cold War Kids or Interpol (okay those aren't the most new indie-rockin' groups but whatever)

Netherfriends - Calling you out [Emergency Umbrella Records]
An ultra melodic and happy indie pop ep with some minor eccentric tendencies. For fans of Animal Collective or Emperor X.


Sinkane - Sinkane [Emergency Umbrella Records]
A drone-y rock album along the lines of kraut-rock. Especially the Neu! reminiscent fifth track.



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