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Want To Boost Your Brain Function?
by: Dr. Mamak Shakib

If you are like most, you probably want to improve your memory and become smarter. As a huge advocate of holistic health, I believe in the importance of the Triune of Health as it relates to health goals and tasks. The Health Triune is an imaginary equilateral triangle consisting of Emotional, Structural and Nutritional angles balancing the triangle. Without one, the triangle’s integrity is lost and optimum health disintegrates. With that said, here are some nutritional suggestions for enhancing the brain’s performance:

No sugar!!!

Twenty percent of your body's daily calories are consumed by the brain; however, these calories do not need to come from junk foods like soda, candy or other high-glucose level foods. For health optimization, remember to avoid the 3 whites: white sugar, white flour and white salt.

Eat smaller meals!!!

Eat small snacks throughout the day. The constant availability of food means that you will have more energy. It is the peaks and valleys, the rise and fall of insulin, that does the most damage to the brain and overall health.

Eat high protein foods!!!

Avoid high fiber carbohydrates and simple carbs. High quality protein allows the body to utilize energy continuously and steadily. To find out what protein is right for you, research metabolic typing.

Eat fat!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. With sixty percent of the brain being fat and with cholesterol being used as an integral part of brain function and communication to the organs, eating the right fat is essential for a healthy brain. The essential fatty acids, like Omega 3, play a major role in increasing brain function and activity.

Here is the latest on fats. The news talks about trans-fats and their health detriments. They are primarily found in processed and fast foods. Now that the general public knows about trans-fats, the food industry has managed to trick us again. The new “poisons” disguised under the name of fat are “interesterified fats” which are oils that are chemically altered by being hydrogenated and then molecularly manipulated. This unnatural modification creates similar health concerns to trans-fats such as rising bad cholesterol (LDL), contributing to auto-immune diseases, infertility, bone deregulation, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

You cannot trust the information you get from the commercial media as they are biased (remember when the effects of cigarettes were being denied!) Sounds absurd now, but believe me, many bought the misinformation. It is time to take control of your own health. Knowledge is power and your health is your best investment!

Dr. Mamak Shakib is the host of Health Matters which airs on alternating Wednesdays from 8-9 a.m.on KUCI. She is the clinic director of Irvine Spine and Wellness Center.



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