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by: Zero Sharp

The practice of bastard pop, that is to say, taking vocals of one song and pasting them across other aspects of other songs, has taken off in the last few years. In what seems to be taking that idea to its logical extreme, Mochipet has already established himself as a master of the art of messing with other people's songs. He's back on the Violent Turd label with more of his magic digital mash going by the name "combat." The general concept here is to take two different sources that share something in common, say Yes and Nomeansno, and put them both in the blender. The album starts very cutsy, with 2 Live Crew's "Hey Hey, we want some mochi" and Rod Stewart singing "If you want some mochi, and you think I'm mochi" strung together with a few other favorites. The standout tracks are the ones that have been altered through and through; tracks like Wang Chung vs. The Real Wang glitter as they fly by, both the sped vocals from "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" and the metal guitar solos yield beautifully to the furious breakbeat tapped out by digital cut-outs. Johnny Cash works brilliantly over Cash Money Millionaires in a hip-hop style that would make any Mille Plateau listener happy. Nelly vs. Poor Kakarookee, with the help of Venetian Snares, also is a hilarious high-adrenaline fest where cut-outs are used well to punctuate what's left of the original tracks. Aphex Twin vs. Thompson Twins is also good for a laugh as the 80s group gets throughly crushed through the digital chopper and mauler. All in all, this is a well put-together sugar coated rush; I'm not sure how much these tracks will hold up in a few months, but they are really fun now.



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