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"Milk Man"
by: Sun-J

Deerhoof have the keen ability to take conventional sounds, and rearrange them in a dyslexic manner, creating an erratic array of tonal hybrids. With their sixth album, Deerhoof increases distortion and cuts out the pointless interludes abundant on Apple O'. Satami Matsuzuki's vocal eccentricities are what give Deerhoof character. Ken Kagami's art which adorns the cover perfectly reflects Matsuzuki's style. A milk man with a banana plunged into one his love handles with a trace of what could be strawberry juice or blood.

The album opens up with "Milk Man," the only song which actually contains understandable lyrics, "Come closer, how beautiful this place is..." Unfortunately Matsuzuki gets a little too Michael Jackson lyrically, "Boys and girls, be mine, I'll take you into my dream land." The next track, "Gigadance," features a repetitious organ which is a perfect precursor to "Desparecere," a creative subtle song with extremely catchy tones. "Rainbow Silhouette of the Milky Rain," combines frenetic drums and shoveling guitars which evolve into a rhythmic stairway of tight bounded sounds. "Dog on the Sidewalk," has Satami Matsuzuki stretching out single sentences into a grip of nonsensical tones, "Dog on the sidewalk, dog on the sidewalk, I saw, I saw." "Milking" is a fun, and upbeat song ironically about children trapped in a burning building. "Drew Wander's True," features an elephant bassline while "Song of Sorn," is filled with rock guitar chords, concert drums to help form the massive, eclectic melodies. "That Big Orange Sun Run Over Speed Light," begins with a lengthy introduction of guitar calls and drum responses which grow tiresome, before transforming into a loop of percussion melody.

What surprised me most about this album, is the fact that it was the first concept album from Deerhoof. At times the record becomes to traditional and loops itself into obscurity, Matsuzuki's vocal stylings are a bet erratic and new age for some listeners, but Deerhoof fans alike are sure to not be disappointed.



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