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Meat Beat Manifesto
"...In Dub"
by: Zero Sharp

Jack Dangers is back on the case, this time with a new album reconstructing "RUOK?". I won't say the word remix as that doesn't seem as appropriate of terminology here. It's not that Dangers doesn't know how to remix, the previously released remix album of "Storm the Studio" did a good job reworking the classic material while keeping its soul alive. In this case, "...In Dub," sometimes the tracks are basically unrecognizable after their makeover; everything is stripped down so far before being built back up, one wonders what sound was actually saved from the original. The other addition worth mentioning up front is the addition of DJ Collage on vocals on several of the tracks. His old school dancehall style helps add a Jamaican flair to the album, and his voice adds quite a bit to the tracks he appears on. I'm not really sure what there is to say about this album, except that if you like the whole electro-reggae vibe, you'll get a good kick out of this strongly middle of that road material. "Caramel Dub" and "Supreme Happiness Dub" are good examples of the largely homogeneous feel of the album: laidback melodies floating over simple rhythms and wonderfully fluffy basslines. My favorite track for the entertainingly bizarre sampling is "Timebomb Dub" with its talk of missile guidance systems that sounds like it came out of an instructional video from the fifties. People into electro-dub and just chilled-out dub in general will probably like this album, even with its homogeny. As for the rest of you, I wouldn't stop any presses to get it, but unless you're really allergic to downtempo reggae, it might be up your alley.



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