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Patric C.
"Hitler 2000"
by: Zero Sharp

A Beginner's Guide To Digital Hardcore
- part 3 of 3

Welcome back to the last of the digital hardcore reviews. If you missed the first two reviews two weeks ago, I would recommend going back and looking at the reviews for Alec Empire's "The Destroyer" and Christoph de Babylon's "If You're Into It, I'm Out of It."

The last shadow album I want to mention here is the solo material of Patric C., known better as half of Ec8or. Much like Alec Empire, he also has a sound that is very different from Ec8or's stuff. His best full-length album is probably "Hitler 2000" (known as Attitude PC8 on CD), which also wins for best cover. Patric C.'s beatwork is incredible here, and he manages to look good doing it. Many of the tracks here are loud, and full of everything, but they're incredible. There are a few restrained tracks here, and they manage to flourish nicely amist the noisier stuff. He uses a lot of echoey effects to glorious results, and manages to send a decidedly anti-fascist message at the same time. How many can claim that one? Again, the tracks come from a diverse group of styles, and they're all well-crafted. If he were to be sonically compared to his label-mates, "Hitler 2000" is a bit like Alex Empire's later stuff, but Patric C. is much, much better at it. Anyway, I highly recommend this to all of you because again, this is close to being several different genres all at once, and it's brilliant.

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