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March 12, 2014
by: Martim Galvão

Black Lips - Underneath The Rainbow - Vice
Throw this one on - or in I guess - to your CD player. Throw this one IN to your CD player. The headliners for Burgerama III throw down their signature style of garage-rock ala psych/punk flambé for 12 tracks of RaDiCaliTy WhoAAAaAAaaa!! Come one, you knew this one was going to be good. I especially like the crunchiness of track 11. Mmmmmmm.. crunchy...

Ásgeir - In The Silence - One Little Indian
Ah, Iceland! How does so much awesome music come out of there? We may never know.. Here's something I do know, though: this dude (Ásgeir) managed to put out the fastest and best-selling debut album in the history of Iceland. Yes, even outselling Bjork and Sigur Ros. "SO WHAT!?" you might say. Pop this thing into your CD player. These impeccably crafted folk tunes will win you over. Of this I am sure. A warm, atmospheric wash permeates the whole thing and seamlessly blends both electronic and acoustic instruments.

Damaged Bug - Hubba Bubba - Castle face
Recorded at home in the fall of 2013 with synths, drums and hand-made electronics, this is a collection of synthesizer suites from John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees. Sci-fi synth sounds and experimental audio effects combine with fuzz, reverb, and a space-garage aesthetic to make for 11 far-out tracks. Whhhoooaaaaa

Carla Bozulich - Boy - Constellation
A 'pop' album from art-punk heroine Carla Bozulich. Genre-bending and genre-blending, this is a really hard one to put your finger on. It's interesting throughout, with every song introducing something new. Definitely pushing the definition of 'pop' until it goes......................

Ava Luna - Electric Balloon - Western Vinyl
Weird funky grooves blend with sprechstimme vocals and some wild instrumental interjections on this quirky and thoroughly enjoyable album. Sound like a mix of James Chance, ESG, Dirty Projectors and Of Montreal. Ch-check it out.

The Men - Tomorrow's Hits - Sacred Bones
Good ol' fashioned rock n' roll infused with jazz, blues, and a bit of an experimental mentality. Courtesy of Brooklyn, NY. Thanks, Brooklyn!

Daphne Lee Martin - Frost - The Telegraph
Reminds me of Christmas music (which I hate) but somehow makes the concept sweetly enticing. I'm oddly drawn to this record.

Secret Colours - Positive Distractions - s/r
Lots of influences to pick out here - I think I hear some Pink Floyd, Beatles, Elliott Smith, The Strokes and who knows what else. A solid pop-rock record all around, definitely something you could put in your car's CD player and leave for a while. Just don't accidentally move your seat back and crush the jewel case. I hate it when that happens..

The Singles - Look How Fast A Heart Can Break - Sound Artifacts Music
This album sounds very familiar.. I don't know why. Maybe it's the slight delay on the vocals, the familiar chords progressions, the 4/4-ness of it all.. I don't know. Dunno, y'all! Here's what I do know: it works. Solid pop-rock is solid.

Linda Perhacs - The Soul Of All Natural Things - Asthmatic Kitty
Whoa, this one caught me off guard. At first I thought it sounded like Enya and then it evolved into a bunch of other stuff. Definitely incorporates some of that "world groove" at times but really shines through with interesting and effective orchestration and songwriting. It's so different from anything else that's come in to the station, I can't stop listening to it! AAAahhh!! Must. Review. Other. Stuff.

Sally Seltmann - Hey Daydreamer - Arts & Crafts
From the co-writer of Feist's "1234" comes a circus-waltz-y, gypsy-folk-y, exploration in light-as-air pop. Enough hyphens for YOU!? Forreal though, this is pretty dope. Lush, if you will (I will.) The vocals, the production quality, the songwriting, the digestibility of the music, it all works. It's like a digestif.

Ghost Beach - Blonde - Nettwerk
Whoa, whoa, whoa.. It's 1986 again! WHOA! I'm not even born yet! This is crazy.. OK, so what does this time-warp sound like? It's full of synths (of course) and energy, and radddd bass lines. Peter Gabriel and The Police would be proud. I just want to get up, put on some neon-colored socks, and DANCE. In fact, I think I will. Excuse me.

The Wet Secrets - Free Candy - s/r
Fuzzy pop. Fuuuuzzzzzzyyyyyyy. Pop.

Colleens - Wild Dreams - s/r
'Tis good. 'Tis good music for ye. For ye ears to hear. 'Tis a blend of acoustic guitar, human voice, drums, a bass guitar, and.. and.. organ. It's chill stuff, something to put on when you want to chill. I don't know what else to say. I'm flabbergasted.

Wild Beasts - Present Tense - Domino
Dark synth-pop echoing the 1980s and 1990s but very much in the present day (2014 AD.) The vocals on this are awesome, yeaaaaah, this is sick, kind of reminds me of Tears For Fears at times. There are some sweet electronic drum patterns too. Very cool album overall, definitely worth checking out.



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