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New in the KUCI Music Library
February 19, 2014
by: Martim Galv„o

Sacco - s/t - Sensibility
Probably one of the most underrated indie bands out there. Every track on this album just works, the reverb-tinged vocals combine with ethereal ambient sounds and a solid but not overwhelming drum beat to make the whole thing siiiiiiiiiick. The production quality is amazing too.

Temples - Sun Structures - Fat Possum
Whoa, these guys are channeling some serious Revoler-era Beatles. For real, I mean it's four British dudes writing songs in the style of late 60s pop and adding an extra layer of trippiness for good measure. What's not to like?

The Notwist - Close To The Glass - Sub Pop
Ah yes.. The Notwist. Back with their first release since 2009, this album is the latest evolution of a band that has been on an exploratory journey through sound for over 20 years. Rooted in pop punk and 90s alt, this album is like a fine vintage of contemporary indie.

ceo - Wonderland - Modular
Never heard of these dudes before but boyyyyy am I glad this CD showed up here at the station. Besides having an awesome band name, ceo is on to some seriously rad sounds. Take a bunch of samples, support them with a driving backbeat, add synths, and then sing your little heart out - this is the recipe for success on the indie dance floor.

Ane Brun - Songs 2003-2013 - Balloon Ranger
A retrospective compilation spanning 10 years of delicate indie folk from the Norwegian singer/songwriter. Two CDs worth of sweet Scandinavian sounds, enough to make any day much better. What are you waiting for? Go put this on!



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