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New in the KUCI Music Library
February 4, 2014
by: Katrina Yentch

Dum Dum Girls - Too True - Sub Pop
“Too True” as is the Dum Dum Girls merely refining the sound they’ve been working on since their formation in 2008 that has gone through a number of members here and there. However, they take from the popular shoe gaze genre that traces back to the early 2000’s. Does not mirror it, but rather adds faster pop rock elements to make it mentally engaging to listen to in this indie rock world that sees more spunk and cuteness.

Prischilla Ahn - This is Where We Are - SQE Music
A whimsical blend of indie pop and coffee shop soundtrack, Priscilla Ahn is a pleasant listen. Guaranteed to leave you unexplainably smiling, each track has a cute memorable tag line, both instrumentally and lyrically.The production is well-done without begging for some ironic play on KROQ.

Gem Club - In Roses - Hardly Art
Plain ol' ambient pop piano music. Lie back and play this. Maybe try meditating? Each track appears to be reflective of the prior, with crooning notes that reside for about a verse long each. Overall it's hard to argue with this laid back ambience.

PT Walkley - Shoulders
Debut album, a pleasant blend of jazz, pop rock, and blues. Each track is upbeat and well-tailored to all of these genres. One cannot question Walkley's musical talents, the album as a whole is instrumentally intricate. Basically, this is made for morning radio to get your day going.

Maya Vik - On It - Oslo Records
All cardio cycling instructors need to immediately add this to their playlists--you heard me Paul Osgood. Think of this album as a compilation all of those artists who tried to bring disco meets 90s pop back - but well-done. It's a trip back to the 80's that playfully experiments with synth and the ever popular electropop but in such a way that is unique and memorable.



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