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January 21, 2014
by: Martim Galv„o

Just Another Snake Cult - Cupid Makes A Fool Of Me - s/r
A mix of lo-fi and psychedelic pop allllllll the way from Reykjavik, Iceland. Cousins Thor and Helga lay down 10 tracks of pure aural pleasure - making use of unique instruments and taking traditional pop chord progressions on a Beatles-like fantasy tour. This is definitely an album worth checking out. Bonus fact: Thor's dad used to be at professor at UC Irvine. ROOTS!

James Vincent McMorrow - Post Tropical - Vagrant
Following up on the success of his 2010 debut Early In The Morning, James Vincent McMorrow explores lush soundscapes beyond the folksy singer-songwriter aesthetic that made him famous. The resulting album is soulful, complex, and definitely worth a few spins.

Painted Palms - Forever - Polyvinyl
Forever, the debut album from cousins Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme, is the result of a long time long distance collaboration. It's also a lesson in how to produce driving pop music that both grooves and gets stuck in your ear.. like wax.. but like a good kind of wax that sounds sick. Check it out.

Young & Sick - Magnolia - Harvest
Another two-track release from the mysterious LA-based band, Magnolia is a worthy follow-up to 2013's Continuum, with synths everywhere, lush vocals, and clear R&B influences. There may only be two tracks on this CD but they're both going to slide into you earholes like silk. Catch Young & Sick at Coachella later this year!

Dom La Nena - Golondrina - Six Degrees
An amazing EP from Brazilian-born cellist/singer/songwriter Dominique Pinto. Whisper-thin vocals and an incredibly delicate and expressive playing style on the cello showcase Pinto's musicality on every track. Listen closely to this one, it's worth it.

Dog Bite - Tranquilizers - Carpark
Unlimited sun and unlimited haze. The sophomore release from the Atlanta-based outfit retains their lo-fi aesthetic but also migrates towards a darker, more soulful sound. Classic funk and rock influences are ever-present, as is Phil Jones' signature vocal style.



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