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New in the KUCI Music Library
January 8, 2013
by: Martim Galv„o

Traps PS - For Dedication - Papermade
Classic UK punk sound. Strongly influenced by garage this eight track album uses dissonance and sharp, highly-accented guitar riffs giving you the feeling of discordance. FIGHT THE MAN!

Robot By the River - Bird Song Soyonara - s/r
Melancholy guy/girl vocal duet, indie with elements of folk. Acoustic tracks often divert into heavily distorted guitar solos with some weird effetcs.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - The Feeling Kind - Ribbon Music
This now-senior group of musicians put forth a pleasant five-track EP with that thoughtful slow-dance(ish) music that they're so known for. Great use of sax to accompany (and sometimes star) throughout this indie, slightly folkish story.

Gross Ghost - Public Housing - Odessa
The sophomore album from NC's Gross Ghost continues with the lo-fi feeling that they utilized so well in their first album. White noise shapily draws feelings and emotions to compliment the wide range of guitar distortion.

Zigtebra - The Pink Line - FPE
Girl-Guy duo Zigtebra have a sort of off-beat appeal with good arrangement of simple parts to evoke emotion. Often times bubbly they sing out and play clean sounding guitar riffs juxtaposed by sometimes dark lyrics.

King Salami and the Cumberland Three - Cookin' Up a Party - Dirty Water
Silly surfer rock/ old rock with plenty of horns. DO THE TWIST!

Beach Arabs - Wild Movement - Mouca
Post punk female vocals atop a bit of grungy surf guitar elements.

Mesa Cosa - Infernal Cakewalk - Casbah
Punk/garage/screamo angry kids

Isaac Rother & the Phantoms - Living Stereo - Resurrection
Surfy Rock/ 60s duop-y



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