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New in the KUCI Funk/Soul Library
December 18, 2013
by: Sean Ziebarth

Eccentric Soul: The Nickel and Penny Labels [various artists]
24 smooth jams from the Chicago soul scene circa '68-'72. From the driving grooves of Jerry Townes' "You are my Sunshine" to the poppy R&B sounds of Voices the range of soul styles is wide and deep. The album comes complete with an archival worthy booklet packed with pictures and history.

Wendy Rene :: After Laughter Comes Tears: Complete Stax & Volt Singles + Rarities 1964-65
This is the first ever anthology of Southern soul legend Wendy Rene who influenced the likes of Lykke Li, Alicia Keyes and Wu Tang (they sampled Rene on 36 Chambers). The album opens with a ringer called "Bar-B-Q" and takes you through 22 tracks all recorded during a couple years time.

Zealous Records presents—Soul Sides: Volume One
Hand-selected tunes from Oliver Wang of the infamous Soul Sides blog. This compilation is a few years old, but is now out of print and hard to get your hands on. A couple must plays: #2 Masterpiece by Clarence Reid, #3 Time & Place by Lee Moses, #8 Live and Let Live by Jimmy Jones, #9 You're Gonna Miss Me by Ann Sexton.

True Soul: Volume 1 [various artists]
The sub title of this album is “Deep Sounds from the Left of Stax: 60s & 70s Soul and Funk from Arkansas’s Legendary Independent Label, and that’s exactly what you get--some deep soul and funk that is a little left of center. More super cool artwork with a 56-page hardcover book.

Christophe Lemaire Presents — Where are You From?
Purveyors of all things funk & soul, Now & Again records throw genres out the window with this eclectic compilation. They let producer Christophe Lemaire dig deep into Now & Again’s catalog to showcase the label’s depth and breadth. You get a little bit of folk, funk, psychedelia, and rock from musicians from Iran, Turkey, Europe, the U.S., Indonesia, Germany, Brazil and was then compiled in Paris This album could easily fit in the world section, but where it fits best is on the air!



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