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New in the KUCI Experimental Library
November 29, 2013
by: DJ Pizzazz

You may ask yourself, "what is experimental music?" I might have to ask you that at some point, too. In the meantime, these full-digital compact discs have been added to the library. Enjoy:

Chris Forsyth - Solar Motel [[Paradise of Bachelors]]
See: Glenn Branca, locomotives, utopia
Information on psychology, particularly dreams, will capture your imagination. Images swell and burst around you, all organized around the ticking of a clock. Decide to collect as much information as you can; the dark side of the personality may be especially appealing. You'll remember anything you read or hear today, as your mind will be particularly retentive. For it will all be a dream.

Tim Hecker - Virgins [[Kranky]]
See: Oneohtrix Point Never, the cloud, time
Calls and signs pertaining to a group with whom you're no longer affiliated could take up a lot of your time today, You might have to deal with the concept of rhythm at some point, and you might not understand it. You may start to feel overwhelmed. Ask for help if you need it. The matters involved are too important to take a chance on getting it wrong.

The Meets - It Happens Outside [[My Idea of Fun]]
See: turntablism, wormholes, vibes
Stray wanderers may bring knowledge of strange events that capture your imagination. You might want to learn more about the stories and similar events. Your mind is sharp enough to grasp it all, yet there will still be hidden elements that render it that much more fascinating. You might have to start walking in order to figure out where you're going.



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