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New in the KUCI Music Library
October 15, 2013
by: Martim Galvão

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - The Speed of Things - Warner Bros. Records
After having released It's a Corporate World in 2010, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. presents the sophomore album, which is essentially a lot more of the same awesome. Playground pop delivered with an electronic edge, this continues where the former left off. Indie pop with some orchestral notes to it, thanks to improved production funding.

Múm - Smilewound - Morr Music
The 6th full length studio album, this is even more orchestral pop that is playful and experimental. Simple, catchy and sophisticated melodies with Icelandic vocals that are reminiscent of those of Sigur Ros. Listen to the sudden turn that "One Smile" takes. A fantastic mesh of fast paced drums. Synth-strumentals galore...

Tristan - Caves - Pup Snake
Girly bass drum-driven pop. Combined with childish female vocals, it makes the listening experience pleasant and soothing. There's occasional experimentation with synth and pretty piano accompaniment that you can't help but adore. Some orchestral pop influences via violin riffs. This is pop that builds anticipation.

Phantogram - Phantogram EP - Universal
Pop and hip hop are bound together by electronic traces in this album. Upbeat and filled with catchy riffs and chants of snaps. Electronic pop with heart that contrasts heavily with the morose track titles.

Public Service Broadcasting - Inform Educate Entertain - Test Card Records
A combination of post rock, synth and jazz instrumentals accompanied by positive 1950s radio voice samples, potentially literal PSA bits. Although the instrumental stylings vary between songs, all of which are performed with an upbeat energy, the PSAs remain consistently thematic and literal to the tracks' titles.

Fuzz - s/t - In The Red
Fuzz’s album is titled Fuzz and rightfully so. This album will have you headbanging the whole way through with its heavy guitar riffs, solid bassline, snare breaking drumlines, and Ty Segall yells. Ty Segall never ceases to amaze with his many side projects and this one does not disappoint. The tracks “Preacher” and “One” is a hard rock lover’s with the heaviest repetition of riffs you’ll nowadays. Fuzz pays homage to the days of Black Sabbath and doesn’t fail to put on its own flair.

Red Space Cadet - {M} EP - s/r
It’s a bit confusing trying to explain what Red Space Cadet music is like. Their Ep has a slew of vocal extensions with a unstructured/ unnsynced song form that underline their sound. The genre of math rock could describe Red Space Cadet’s song structure, but don’t does not detract from identifying them as a indie pop band. Listen to the track “Mellennia,” to get a feel of the incoherent yet intriguing vocals and weird time signatures.

Leverage Models - s/t - Hometapes
The Leverage Models have a Synth Indie Pop type of style that harkens back to 80’s disco. There are multiple bell chimes that you’ll be able to pickup with, uplifting guitar, keyboard accompaniment with heavy synths. Their EP is a very upbeat album that is similar to the Holy Ghost!’s albums. This album is a definitely geared towards anyone who is willing to just dance.

TRAAMS - Grin - FatCat
If Jack White wanted to try out the psychedelic genre, TRAAMS would be the product. Grin is a bass driven album that features Jack White croons with a psychedelic tinge. The track “Head Roll” is a seven minute, mellow ride through early Strokes guitar riffs and baselines that is sure to bring a sense of nostalgia back. TRAAM’s instrumental delivery is a mix between 90s rock and the indie rocks (the good parts).

Princess Music - Odobendidae - Hot Congress
You rarely will come across a band like Princess Music, considering that it has an entire orchestra to accompany the rock band. Obdobenidas is an interesting album because it will remind you of the later Beatle’s era (probably when they were on acid) because of the shear amount of layering within the songs themselves. If you can think of an Beatles instrumentation from Magical Mystery Tour or Sgt. Peppers being warped into this present time period, you’ll get a glimpse of what Princess Music is like. Throughout the album the pleasant symphonies are sure to put a little more chip in your step.



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