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October 11, 2013
by: Martim Galv„o

LAKE - Circular Doorway - Water Island
Whimsical indie 60s-esque pop, this LAKE album is a step and clap while slow dancing kind of experience. A little reminiscent of the Beach Boys but with a slight hip edge. Plentiful jazzy funk infusions. Slows it down toward the end with some post-rock instrumentals.

LAKE - The World is Real - K Records
Sight drone and choral chants. Short, simple, sweet and under an hour. Playful harmonies with lyrically serious undertones. A few paces slower than Circular Doorway. Makes you wanna doo-wop to every song.

Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs - Clarietta - Heavenly
Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs pay homage to the 70s with reverb, fuzzy guitars, and electric keyboard organs. Their vocals have a Jim Morrison-esque vibe thatís tied together with a steady bass line throughout their songs. The song ďA Lionís WayĒ is a good representation of their psychedelic roots as you spiral down along itís descending melodies.

Casual Sex - Stroh 80 Ė Moshi Moshi
Casual Sexís vocals harkens back to the days of David Bowie along with layers of old synths. The synths and the drum lines gives off an 80s dance vibe and is a definite hip swayer. The vocals are very nonchalant which blends perfectly and at the same contrasts the upbeat and dancey tone of their songs.

The Hics - Tangle EP - SQE
Think of the XX mixed with some Jamaican or exotic background vocals and music and you have a general idea of what the Tangle EP is about. The Hics come with a very minimalist approach to their delivery as well as being able to layer the track with more instrumentation with several synths and overdubs.

Those Darlins - Blur the Line - Oh Wow Dang/Thirty Tigers
A fusion of country storytelling and punk rock, Those Darlins exhibit a nice transition between the two. With two female country crooners and a deep fast paced bass lines, itís sure to give you the best of the two genres. Blur the Lines has its share of slow and fast songs each accompanied by a sprinkle of country and punk through the use of different styles of guitar and bass playing.

Ezra Furman - Day of the Dog - Bar/None
Ezra Furmanís vocals are unique for the indie music scene because it has a mix of Mic Jaggerís and early Beatles Paul Mccartney croons. Day of the Dog takes a definite nod to the bands of the 70s. Take a listen to the track called ďAt the Bottom of the OceanĒ to get a feel of Furmanís vocals along with laid-back melodic guitar riffs and bass lines. Each song seems to be composed of just the regular instruments you would see in a band: drums, bass, guitar, and vocals but is able to bring so much depth and layer that your thrown back to the 70s in a time capsule.

The Blow - s/t - Kanine
Inspired by a collection of new wave and art rock records in the duo's living room, The Blow's self-titled album is a an experimental take on electro pop. A wide range of influences and stylistic approaches are fused together to create a unique synth-laden sound.

Basia Bulat - Tall Tall Shadow - Secret City
Folksy Canadian singer-songwriter Basia Bulat is back with the highly anticipated follow-up to her 2010 release Heart Of My Own. Soaring vocals are joined by the usual assortment of unusual instruments, including but not limited to synths and electronics.

Fresh & Onlys - Soothsayer EP - Mexican Summer
Laid back rock that is just plain feel good music. One man vocals with occasional harmonies and catchy riffs that leave you smiling. Pop rock that brings people together.

Sugar Candy Mountain - Mystic Hits - We Speak Publishing
Groovy quirk rock. Playful titles that suggest even more playful instrumentals. Mystic Hits most directly describe the mystic tracks themselves, as they are pretty experimental.

Cloud Control - Dream Cave - Ivy League Records
Mellow rock accompanied by smooth harmonies, this is rock that one should either listen to while lying down or at a barbecue of some sort. It's simple, it's pretty, and it's one long continuous soundtrack to a summer that just ended.



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