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New in the KUCI Punk Library
September 28, 2013
by: Matthew Suarez

Potty Mouth - Hell Bent (Old Flame)
Hell Bent inches Potty Mouth towards more profound songwriting than last year's great Sun Damage EP. The lyrics focus primarily on the many facets of what it means to be young-- desire to ditch smalltown life, irresponsible choices that bring on "The Spins," feeling infinite-- but what makes Hell Bent such a glorious Rookie-era superlative of feminist punk today is the sense of confidence and personal conviction Potty Mouth's songs conjure.

The Reptilian - Low Health (Count Your Lucky Stars)
The Reptilian is back with a follow up album to their split that they did with Innards last year. This release is probably one that intrigued me more so than the rest of the albums we recently got here at the station. Their combination of Math rock and punk attitude is not something to mess with. Technicality meets raw emotion with a driving force. I definitely recommend this album. SERIOUSLY.

New Atlantic Youth - New Atlantic Youth (self-released)
New Atlantic Youth is a power trio of New York City natives that infuse sweet and sour chord progressions with heavy rhythms along nimble changes. They combine the dynamics of early 21st century post-hardcore with a myriad of big sounds that will have you banging your head, swaying your body, and dancing until you fall over. With some help from supporters via kickstarter.com, these boys have managed to self-release their first full length. Professionally track, mixed, and mastered. Really great post-hardcore indie alternative band

The So So Glos - Blowout (Shea Stadium)
Blowout isn't trying to break any molds, but distinguishes itself with thoughtful genre cherry-picking and a more inclusive spin on their contemporaries' established efforts. You can find hat-tips to forebears like the Gun Club and the Replacements



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