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New in the KUCI Music Library
April 9, 2013
by: Angela Taslakian, Music Director

Thee Oh Sees - Floating Coffin Ė (Castle Face)
John Dwyer is at it again with another Thee Oh Seeís album. Weíre lucky theyíre so talented with a genre that is hard not to love; droned out psychedelic garage rock. Johnís particular singing style will have anyone quake to his bursts of sudden and quick Ahs! Itís definitely a gem to check out.

Cayucas - Bigfood - (Secretly Canadian)
Itís sweet as summer indie pop that will make you want to eat ice cream cones with your best friend, and wish you were in Hawaii sipping out coconut milk.

Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside - Untamed Beast Ė (Partisan)
Itís rockabilly inspired guitar music with vocals that will blow you away, similar to the sounds of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Itíll have you remembering your love of horses and wanting to ride fast on one just to impress all the cool kids in your high school.

The Besnard Lakes - Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO Ė (Jagjaguwar)
Itís droned out dream gaze pop good for relaxing after a hard dayís work load. Imagine kicking off your shoes, and just lounging on your perfect sofa with your favorite soda in hand.

Villagers - Awayland Ė (Domino)
Lovely sounds from Ireland of darker indie pop with compelling lyrics written like poetry.

Deptford Goth - Life After Defo Ė (Merok)
Itís heart shattering synthy songs that will get any sad person to appreciate the beauty of such sounds put together in a song.

The Computers - Love Triangles, Hate Squares - (One Little Indian)
Itís hardcore inspired bluesy rock Ďn roll with punky undertones. If youíve deep concerns about your boredom, give this album a listen. Itíll make you realize youíre not alone, and people are more similar than you thought.

IO Echo - Ministry Of Love Ė (IAMSOUND)
An LA duo, playing hazy shoegaze pop rock inspired by Japanese culture. It has a serious yet airy tone, with various instrumentation in each song. Itís definitely not a monotonous album.


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