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New in the KUCI Music Library
February 11, 2013
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

Local Natives - Hummingbird Ė (Frenchkiss)
I know we are all very excited to have this gem in our station. Itís ambient indie positive dream vibrations music that will make you want to join a co-op and live the sustainable life. Such a good listen, with positive energy exuding right out.

Shugo Tokumaru - In Focus? - (Polyvinyl)
Iíve never heard wind instruments used in such a cool way. Itís whimsical electric folk pop. Singing in his native, Japanese, makes the album that much better. Itíll put a smile on your face, and make you feel like you should do good in the world, bring people together, and make a mental pangaea.

Beach Fossils - Clash The Truth - (Captured Tracks)
This album is dreamy, cool, and collected. Each song is like an anthem to a different mushroom-filled city you made up in your sleep. Thereís positivity all around and youíll ask someone to pinch you just to make sure you really are awake.

Hidden Towers - Olympus Mons - (Defiled Under Music)
Itís hard psych-grunge rock and as raw as your vegan diet. Donít let the struggle of life meddle with your head. Donít let anyone draw your blood. Just blast this album in your car, give whoeverís putting you down a mean smile, and drive off.

The Little Ones - The Dawn Sang Along - (Branches Recording Collective)
Itís sugary pop that will make you want to bake cupcakes, and donít forget the sprinkles! Itís a lazy sunny day on this familiar land called So-Cal. So grab your best friend, hold hands, and ring around the rossie like you used to when you were little.

Veronica Falls - Waiting For Something to Happen - (Slumberland)
Itís wistful indie pop with a hopeful vibe. Even though some of the lyrics are quite sad, the melodies are so positive. When you realize youth wonít last, itís hard. But once youíve accepted it, itís not so bad. Change is inevitable, but your heart still beats, so enjoy the time you still have on this lovely earth.

Sailors of Neptune - Sailors of Neptune - (Texas Jesus)
Itís surf pop guitar music with a 60ís vibe. So groovy, so catchy, and so lovely. Itís hard not to fall in love with this trio. Lifeís all about those bike rides, buying boxed hair dye, and first dates.

Cy Dune - No Recognize EP - (Family Tree )
Itís lo-fi fuzzy guitar filled garage rock Ďn roll thatís not too heavy. This album will give you goosebumps and make you want to form your own band and sing about things that donít really make sense at all.

Warm Soda - Warm Soda - (Castle Face)
Warm Soda was formed by Matthew Melton of Bare Wires, and theyíre my new favorite go to for a fix of sweet garage pop. But which soda does it really taste like? Iíd say a fizzy lemon/lime pop, with that noticeable hint of sour later overcome by sugar rush galore.

Loveskills - Multiplicity - (No Shame)
Itís dreamy electronic pop with r&b infiltrations. The album whispers in your ear, ďgo out tonight, and treat yourself, because youíre worth it, babe.Ē

Fear of Men - Early Fragments - (Kanine)
Euphoric vocals make for a sweet dream pop album that is sun kissed with golden lipstick stains. Caution: itís hard not to get sunburned, her voice is addictive.

Guards - In Guards We Trust - (Black Bell)
The Follins are a talented family, with Richie in Guards (and Madeline in Cults). This album is good vibes indie pop with new wave riffs. Itíll make things go in slow motion, making you enjoy every second of your life that much more.

The Spinto Band - Cool Cocoon - (Spintonic)
Itís sugarcane indie pop for the most part, with some poetically sad songs as well. Caring too much can sometimes be burdensome, but this album is a good cure for that. Itís like a hug for your off days.

Two Hours Traffic - Foolish Blood - (Bumstead)
Giddy pop bliss is pretty much the name of the game. Pondering the meaning of love, believing in magic, and falling in love with strangers on the street is fairly routine for this lovely band. They just want you to join the fun.

Elephant Stone - Elephant Stone - (Hidden Pony)
Itís psychedelic rock that will make any silent moment enjoyable. This album just wants to be friends with everyone. They are inviting you to swim in their baby blue eyes and you cannot resist.

The Kingston Springs - The Kingston Springs - (Planetary)
From the backwoods of Middle Tennessee, itís lo-fi folk rock for hippies with an edge. They just want to tell stories, sing about love, and explain experiences with German girls. Who wouldnít love that!

Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold - (Whatís Your Rupture? )
Itís the garage punk you listen to when youíre on your way to pick up some donuts! Even though the doctor told you to lay off the sweets. Itís impulsive, indulgent, and so so good for you...trust me.

Bleeding Rainbow - Yeah Right - (Kanine)
Formerly known as Reading Rainbow, Bleeding Rainbow rule with fuzzy guitars and harmonious vocals. What a combo! The droned out songs sort of remind me of a Cosmonauts concert. Itís music for hopeless romantics. If itís always raining in your head, youíre not alone.

Midnight Spin - Donít Let Me Sleep Ė (Distiller)
Itís rock Ďn roll with just the right amount of country infiltrations. Itíll have you singing along and bumping your head to the sick guitar solos.


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