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New in the KUCI Music Library
November 10, 2012
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

Slam Dunk - Welcome To Miami Ė (FU:M)
House party side project turns chaotic with this energetic live band from Canada. Melodic garage with nods to punk. Itís similar to theyíre 2011 album ďThe ShiversĒ but less in your face. At the same time, itís the perfect cure to scabies. Their songs are so catchy, itís hard not to dance with sass that will take over your whole body.

The Spyrals - S/T - (Mock Records)
From San Francisco, this band is all dense psych rock. It will have you shaking if youíre the one with lonely eyes in the rain. But if youíve been out too long, itís the kind of sound youíd enjoy with hot cocoa thawing in front of your fireplace.

Ed Hale and The Transcendence - The Great Mistake - (Dying Van Gogh Records)
This band will take you back in time, but not too back, so itís still pretty relatable. Itís up-tempo pop rock that is very Brit-influenced. The album was produced by Roger Houdaille of The Transcendence. It even has some Franz Ferdinand sounding songs. Most of the lyrics are centered around girls but not necessarily around love. Itís quite enjoyable, especially when you think nobodyís listening to you.

Dirty Projectors - About To Die EP - (Domino Record Co.)
This EP is definitely something to get excited about! Itís easy-to-get-into experimental rock that will make you feel as smart as you truly are. In it, has the song ďAbout To DieĒ from their last album, along with five new tracks. Itís not the Cross-Cultural Center, but it is Clever, Captivating, and Catchy.

Nous Non Plus - Le sexe et la politique - (Terrible Kids Music)
French female fronted electronica rock... need I write more? I donít know French, but the album is supposedly about sex and politics. If you give it a listen, I guarantee you will feel sexy. Some translated lyrics read ďa song about a girl obsessed with a manís motorcycleĒ and ďa foray into sadomasochism and role-play.Ē

Pretty and Nice - Us You All We - (Pax Natural Records)
Itís dream pop indie post-punk electronic self expression. Ironic usage of technology while singing about needing to forget about using it. This album contains four songs that will make you want to hibernate after greeting the sun.

Aaron Embry - Tiny Prayers - (Community Music)
Spending three years as the pianist in Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros would surely give someone some interesting stories to tell. Aaron not only has stories, but emotions that are perfectly translated in this album. Itís simple melodies with complex feelings of emo-folk and lots of harmonica. Beware, this album will make you aware of your sadness, in such a beautiful way.

Dark Dark Dark - Who Needs Who - (Supply and Demand Music)
Nona Marie Invieís voice is breathtaking. Itís mellow and haunting, with folk and jazz influences that will leave you refreshed, sort of like breathing the air the day after it rained.


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