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New in the KUCI Music Library
October 23, 2012
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma

Skipping Girl Vinegar - Keep Calm, Carry The Monkey Ė (Secret Fox)
They say not to judge a book by itís cover, but this album case is exactly the way you should judge the contents of the cd. The album case is such a lovely experience, with lyrics, photos, and credits tabs in the inside which makes it so easy to enjoy. This Melbourne quintet sure knows how to keep the vibes alive with cheerful and content songs. Iím not wearing plaid because itís the new style, but because thereís a moose outside my cabin.

The Skies Revolt - Making Moves EP- (Mad Dragon Records)
This is the bandís fifth release of the Making Moves series, itís three songs of electronica/punk rock with mesmerizing synths that will make you clap dance. Itís some kind of confused robot learning about the ways of a human and raging in jealousy of our lifestyle.

Savoir Adore - Our Nature - (Popular)
Itís an electric lullaby that will have you dancing in your dreams, combining the feelings of watching the stars in space and breathing fresh air in nature. Itíll make you have pro hippie astronaut fever for sure.

San Cisco - Awkward EP - (Fat Possum)
Itís twee-pop that will make you want to eat cherry popsicles on a hot summer day, and hula hoop with your friends before going to a pool party. Itíll have you smiling brighter than the sun. Itís anything but awkward.

The World Palindrome - Particularly Hello - (Air House)
Itís easy listening rock thatís perfect for cleaning up after a food fight consisting of red velvet cake. Itís one of those days where you realize youíve made too much baked goods for your own good and decide to share with your neighbors.

Peace - The World is Too Much With Us - (Suicide Squeeze)
Recored in Ladysmith on the east coast of Vancouver Island, itís post-punk with sudden guitar wah-pedal freak-outs. Singing about love sick yearnings have never sounded so good. They get it, and so do I. Itíll make you want to do good with all the heartache youíve accumulated over the years.


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